Jack Herer

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Due to the use of natural aromatic compounds, the color variations in each product may exist. The display image of the bottles seen here & throughout the entire store for each Terpene product is for design consistency. Please give us a call if you have questions.

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ABOUT JACK HERER botanical-terpene S

A strain equally as recognizable as the Activist it is named for, Jack Herer is the paragon of a Sativa for consumers around the world. Bursting forth with a sharp scent of Pine needles followed by sweet and citrus notes, this profile promotes Clear-mindedness and creativity. Making it perfect for daytime use.




Earthy, Pine, Woody


Euphoric, Uplifted, Focused


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Cesare and Terpene Warehouse are awesome! High quality products and service--they respond quickly and are super helpful. And the pricing is great. Definitely a lifelong customer!

Alex L.

I visited the store in downtown LA. The staff was super knowledgeable, and able to produce my order in a timely manner. Looking forward to doing business with them in the future

Mohammad A.

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