Animal Mints

Animal Mints

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Animal Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies. It has an aroma and taste that is subtly reminiscent of cookie dough and a slightly minty kick with sweet and sour notes to round it off

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At Terpene Warehouse our mission is to incorporate the standards and practices of the existing terpene/aroma industry with the burgeoning botanical terpene space, by sourcing the highest purity, food-grade, ingredients from the top and most trusted suppliers.


Great quality products I am definitely pleased with the results, I appreciate you guys. This product is a must try, I highly recommend them!

5K Cleaning Mobile Detailing

Terps are on point. You can actually smell the flavors. Cesare is very knowledgeable and offers fantastic pricing. I walked in one day placed one order and never looked back. Thanks Again

John M.

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